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Why Real Estate Related Websites May Be Bad For Home buyers

Posted by Greg Moser on January 21, 2014

Why Real Estate Related Websites May Be Bad For Home buyers – Good Morning, I hope everyone enjoyed the long, unseasonably warm holiday weekend. I can’t believe how dry things are right now – wow !.  Usually this time of year I’m discussing Ski trips with friends and clients and which resorts have the best snow pack.  Not this year, it’s more like who has any snow at all  . . . .

I wanted to touch on a matter that I am seeing to be an ever increasing issue.

These days the internet is the ‘go to source’ for just about everything.  One of those uses is shopping for a new home.  It’s simple: point and click. You just fire up your computer, log into a website and start browsing, it takes two minutes.  Unfortunately many of you don’t realize what you are actually looking at isn’t what you’re looking.  The majority of ‘real estate’ related websites often thought to be accurate and or reliable is simply a marketing facade. They’re just like any other sales platform, they’re there to draw you in and let you down in the end.

Many of the popular websites like Zillow draw their information from third party websites, NOT from the MLS or a verifiable resource(s) that a Realtor has access to.  These sites take information from a multitude of websites many of which may not even be from licensed agents or offices.  Many of the mechanisms they employ could be dated information from an individual personal marketing site, or a dated Public Records portal, none of which is sourced from the Multiple Listing Service(s) that a Licensed Realtor uses.  To the end user (you) the impression is that you’re getting real-time information that shows you what is available in the area(s) that you are looking within.  Sadly that’s incorrect.

The vast majority of client’s I have encountered through my own campaigns with some of these providers has been difficult at best. Most of the data they are contacting me off of is bad.  I spend more time explaining what they are seeing and how it’s generated than I do actually finding them a home.  That’s not fair to you the perspective home buyer or me; we all lose in the end.

If you are a homeowner looking to sell or a new home buyer looking to get into the market, you need to speak to a Realtor. Sourcing the Internet for information is fine; it’s a starting point.  These days with everyone’s hectic schedules you may not have time to find a Realtor.  Sourcing reviews, talking to friends, calling on listing signs is a pain.  Who wants to do that – right?  The computer is there and it’s simple.  It doesn’t require you to drive around the neighborhood or talk to friends. You don’t have to send numerous emails out just get the same ‘pressured reply’ from an agent that wants to sell you anything they can – trust me, I understand.

Spending time gathering bad information on the internet however is not the answer.  Trying to create a ‘short cut’ is simply a huge delay.  If you only have thirty minutes in between meetings to look around at homes, the last thing you want to discover is that what you found is not available or hasn’t been listed in over five years.  You don’t have time to waste on bad information, that’s disenchanting.  The allure of purchasing a new home quickly fades when you find out that the property you found isn’t for sale.  That dream home quickly becomes just that – a dream.

If you or someone you know is in the market to buy a new property or is looking to sell, then speaking a licensed Realtor is a must.  A simple five minute phone call to my office will start you on the path to a successful transaction.  Please call or email me today to find the perfect home for tomorrow.

Until next time.

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